Stop 10. Fee Glade & Together Sculpture

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The Fee Glade, a green space with winding paths, is designed for both personal contemplation and community gatherings. There are stones engraved with quotations from John G.Fee, Berea’s founder, and a copy of the Great Commitments of Berea College. The Glade reclaims a ravine formerly occupied by Berea’s utilities operations. Framing the east side of the picturesque John G. Fee Glade, the Legacy Wall features the names of more than 3,000 alumni and friends of Berea College, now departed, who included Berea in their estate plans. Tony Higdon and Erika Strecker were art consultants for the Fee Glade Park, designing, coordinating, and installing eleven stone and bronze details. They were also commissioned to create the twelve-foot bronze and stone sculpture, Together, which stands at the College Square entrance to the glade.

Berea College’s Motto: “God has made of one blood all peoples of the earth.”