What is Public Art?

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“Public art is a tangible exhibition of our humanity, a reflection of and an influence on the quality of life in our town.” – Mayor Steven Collins


“Traditionally I think of public art as giant sculptures somewhere in a city, but public art is art anywhere that is accessible. In our case it refers to the fact that you can come in, participate in the process, you can watch the process, you can see any of the pieces of work that we have in the gallery, experience them, learn about them. It is a very public process that we have here, which is a little bit unusual, especially the fact that there are so many galleries and studios here that you can visit.” – Michelle Weston, Glass Artist


“I think the interactive part is the key. If it’s just a matter of them going and looking at it, the experience is not near as good as if they can get their hands on it. If they can actually be a part of it, it’s so much more fun for them.” – Janet Northern, Basket Maker


“The importance of public art is to expose people to art that wouldn’t have the opportunity to see it.  It’s just right out there. Kids love it. It is often children who drag their parents into discovering new things, taking the time to look at a sculpture, to learn about recycling. When the hands went up in Berea, it was wonderful seeing people with their kids out just walking, going to see all the hands.” – Debra Hille, Artist-in-Residence, St. Joseph Berea Hospital